Senior Year: first semester

Ah, the last fall at Cornell. Here’s my courses!

  • CS 5414, Distributed Computing. Heard good stuff about the prof. Can confirm that the prof is good; I really enjoy going to lecture for this class. Material is unlike anything I’ve ever learned before, and its intriguing to learn about the thoroughness of proofs showing how different algorithms are correct.
  • PMA 3614, Creative Character Design. A lot of my friends recommended this, and it counts for the game design minor and my external spec, so not bad. It’s also a ton of work, and it’s helped me learn how to refine my brainstorming and research process of building meaningful characters.
  • ENGRD 2700, Engineering Stats. All I can say is that I wish I took this before senior year.
  • PSYCH 3420, Human Perception (in context of displays and VR/AR). Really fun topics, a lot of videos in lecture, a lot of “oh that’s why…” moments. Too bad the exams are all memorization – I’m starting to feel like a pre-med.
  • PHIL 1440, Ethics of Eating. Hard class to take, hard topics. Makes you think about things you typically do mindlessly. Good in terms of making me more intentional about my food choices. Unfortunate, because sometimes the preferred choice is less convenient.
  • Ballroom Dancing. I figured it’d be useful in context of when all my college friends get married and whatnot. It covers a huge variety of ballroom dance styles, which is good in that sense, but unfortunate in that none of us are proficient in any one of these styles.
  • Intermediate Ice Skating. Aside from mixing up the 3 jumps that we learned, it’s been amazing to get better at the foundations and to also face off personal fears of jumps and spins.

Pretty solid last fall semester – because of interviews it was impossible to attend all lectures, but I’m glad I made the choices I did, and find my classes to be refreshing.


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