Post College Impressions

It’s been six months. I tried to write about NYC sooner, but I didn’t have much to say. On a daily basis my thoughts range from how the subway trains are so screechy to how the air can be stinky to how I made two perfect train transfers in a row, I dunno. Even with […]

Dancing and Dual Core

About a year ago, I was encouraged to attend dance workshops in the Bay Area, called Monday Night Workshops. They were held late at night in San Jose, in a mirrored room with red curtains and polished hardwood floors. In this compact building I went to six workshops that summer, and in each I had […]

CDA Art Classes

During the time when I was leading animation club in college, two of our members decided to take a leap of faith into the relative unknown and enroll in art classes in Pasadena. These classes were run by an independent studio called Concept Design Academy, CDA for short, and designed to get artists up to […]

Trampolines and Sailboats

Gymnastics always seemed like an exclusive sport reserved for flexible, energetic 3-year-olds that would later become cheerleaders and great athletes. But in recent semesters, several of my college friends took the gymnastics course at Cornell and had rave reviews. It seemed like an accessible class and a worthwhile venture. Taking the gymnastics class ended up […]

Senior Perspective

I was fortunate enough to give a short talk on my perspective via a recent ACSU event featuring a panel of seniors. That talk was oriented towards my perspective in context of the CS major. To summarize, I talked about how I didn’t let myself take opportunities that reflected my true interests. My goals became distorted with […]

Advanced Game Design

Usually classes don’t get their own blog posts, but this class was my last “final” at Cornell — not measured in a test, but measured in an annual Showcase at Carpenter Hall. It was one that particularly defined my availability and sleep schedule this semester, and one that turned out to be particularly gratifying. The thing […]

PAX East 2017

I need to write all of this down before I forget — the lines, crowds, panels, people, and most of all, the games. Getting PAX East tickets was nothing short of luck. I happened to be rooming with M, the president of DGA (Digital Gaming Alliance), a gaming club at Cornell. We were rooming for Grace […]