The Lion King (2019)

I’m no real movie critic. Just a self-ascribed high-key Pixar fan, medium Disney fan, casual Marvel fan, with a healthy interest in indie films. This review will contain spoilers, not that they’re be any if you saw the original animated classic. However, if you’re like me and consider most things spoilers, things like some creative […]

Tokyo: Japan day 11

Wow, and now it’s the last day, or more accurately, also a half-day. My last Airbnb place was slightly more capsule-y than the one in Hiroshima. Instead of curtains covering one of the longer sides of a queen, this one covered the foot of a full sized. This meant less privacy but it was also […]

Tokyo: Japan day 10

The morning coming from Nara was full of derps, probably due to not sleeping enough the night before. I was forgetting things left and right, inconveniencing people, etc. But somehow I made it to Tokyo with all my luggage (I stored some in Kyoto) intact. I made some laps around Tokyo Station, enlisting the help […]

Nara: Japan day 9

With MVP back in the States, I suddenly was doing so much more thinking when planning routes with my JR Pass. It used to be that I would just mindlessly follow what my compatriots were doing, but now I had to look up! and read! and Google! and ask people what was going on! etc. […]

Hiroshima: Japan day 8

It had occurred to me about two weeks earlier that I could visit Hiroshima with some of the extra days I had. It fascinated me that after learning about WWII in middle and high school, I could now finally visit the place and face some of the reality of what happened there. I mean, us […]

Osaka: Japan day 7

The morning was magical. I had forgotten about the bamboo grove that is near Kyoto. We stopped there on our way to Osaka and my, those trees grow big. At first it was pretty thin and I enjoyed it but thought it was whatever. But when we reached the grove-y part I was speechless. The […]

Kyoto: Japan day 6

This was definitely the best day in Kyoto. We get up early following the wisdom of VP and enjoyed a mostly empty Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is the Insta-famous shrine with its hundreds of red torii gates lined up one after the other, creating a beautiful red tunnel that people like to pose in. We […]