Advanced Game Design

Usually classes don’t get their own blog posts, but this class was my last “final” at Cornell — not measured in a test, but measured in an annual Showcase at Carpenter Hall. It was one that particularly defined my availability and sleep schedule this semester, and one that turned out to be particularly gratifying. The thing […]

Using Beautiful Soup

In the last month I’ve taken on the position of VP of IT in Cornell BEARS, a mentoring organization. My job is to update and maintain the website at, and to handle any coding needs. So far I’ve spent about 14 hours on a parsing script for Cornell Qualtrics data. I used BeautifulSoup, an […]

Website-making Updates

I wanted to go to Syracuse this weekend with friends for Dinosaur BBQ and window shopping, but I had already committed to working on the Cornell Computer Animation website with people. Ah well. Right now I’m involved in 3 website projects: 1, at work, tweaking the conglomerate of intertwined CSS files. It’s a virtual game […]

How I got into Web Design

August 2012 Started codeacademy HTML/CSS course. At that time, I found websites to be cool and interesting, and was informed that it was easy to pick up. I also wanted to be part of the website group of the robotics team. (didn’t happen) After doing codeacademy tutorials, which at least got me familiar with the […]