PAX East 2017

I need to write all of this down before I forget — the lines, crowds, panels, people, and most of all, the games. Getting PAX East tickets was nothing short of luck. I happened to be rooming with M, the president of DGA (Digital Gaming Alliance), a gaming club at Cornell. We were rooming for Grace […]

Why I Chose Yext in NYC

It was a very hard decision. Reasons professional growth At Yext I am confident that I will continue to grow my skills in analyzing a problem, breaking it down into doable chunks, and then attacking these chunks at a good pace getting a big-picture idea without sacrificing detail and being flexible with the do as […]

A Summer Summary ’16: What I Learned

One of the great things about my summer was that I got about exactly what I asked for. I wanted to do backend. I needed to get that experience, and I wanted to see if I liked it. Sometimes, though, you also get what you’re needed for. I was needed for full-stack development. I made a dashboard […]

The Rise of Cornell’s Scheduler

Late freshman fall (2013), I remember sitting in the great lecture hall for PHYS 1112, distracted by students moving colorful squares about in some fancy scheduling app. At that time, students everywhere were using their app of choice: either Chequerd or Schedulizer. Come sophomore year fall (2014), we found out that these apps were no longer supported. […]

Social Media Quirks

Still on break, with plenty of time to think about and use various forms of social media. The commentary below is relevant to the most updated versions of the respective Android apps as of today’s date. Note: Some popular apps are not listed because I don’t use them often, not because they have no quirks. Note: […]

A Summer Summary: What I Learned

Summer 2015 was the best-spent summer I’ve had so far learning-wise. I didn’t take web development too seriously before my internship. I found web dev to be depreciating in value because there are so many free website-making tools that exist nowadays. To me, there was just HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, and some cool tidbits […]