The Last First Day (and week)

It’s been kinda weird, being on campus this week. In the span of one day I switched coasts, and with it, memories. Whenever I leave Cornell for the summer I forget, but coming back is a whirlwind of remembering.

I remember as a freshman every part of campus was equally exciting. There were no memories of taking certain roads more often than others, no sense of the commonly trodden path. I remember exploring campus and being amazed by its size. There were no limits in this world.

Each morning and late afternoon the Balch archstep was my friend, the trail of students heading in my direction kin. North Campus felt special, felt safe. I remember my room, the study parties, listening to my friend’s “chill” playlist on Spotify. I remember how I met close friends that I still talk with today in intro physics. Our teacher was pretty derpy in a cute way, that class.

I remember how after my first First Night I didn’t come to band until the day I was woken up by them as they blared peppy music outside our windowsills. Even though I complained with the rest of my hallway I knew at that moment that I wanted in.

Things have partly come full circle. I’m taking a philosophy class, just like I did for my FWS freshman year. I have a class in Malott, just like I did for my first-year calculus class. I’m still meeting new people – yesterday I met two girls when I attended Impact Dance’s workshop. Things are still changing. I’m still growing.

My heart is still partly in California, not because of the location but because of the people and good times there that I’ve begun to think of wistfully. I’m slowly transitioning into being a student again instead of an intern, of embracing where I am when I am. I hope for a memorable last year.


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