Advanced Game Design

Usually classes don’t get their own blog posts, but this class was my last “final” at Cornell — not measured in a test, but measured in an annual Showcase at Carpenter Hall. It was one that particularly defined my availability and sleep schedule this semester, and one that turned out to be particularly gratifying. The thing […]

Skating at Cornell

I took figure skating lessons in elementary school. I remember being okay at it but loving every single second, and wanting to learn everything. By the time my mom convinced me to quit, I had my crossovers and outside 3-turns. When I got to Cornell, friends recommended various classes to me, and I was eager […]

5 Weeks of Crazy Legs

I had the great opportunity to go to 5 workshops taught by none other than Crazy Legs, an integral member of the original bboy community when it became a thing in his childhood in Bronx. It was a workshop that had a bit of everything – some weeks we’d sit on the floor while Legs […]

Senior Year: Second Semester

This is a semester I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. A mantra that helped through tougher times would include reminding myself that tougher now is better later, because the last semester would be the best. Whether or not it’ll live up to expectations is still to be seen, but the class […]

The Last First Day (and week)

It’s been kinda weird, being on campus this week. In the span of one day I switched coasts, and with it, memories. Whenever I leave Cornell for the summer I forget, but coming back is a whirlwind of remembering. I remember as a freshman every part of campus was equally exciting. There were no memories […]

Hello Summer

Today was my last day of exams! The algostorm* is officially over. Looking back, it’s been a good semester – definitely the most academically involved, but not the worst mentally, emotionally, or physically. In other words, only the most in terms of hours spent doing classwork.

The Rise of Cornell’s Scheduler

Late freshman fall (2013), I remember sitting in the great lecture hall for PHYS 1112, distracted by students moving colorful squares about in some fancy scheduling app. At that time, students everywhere were using their app of choice: either Chequerd or Schedulizer. Come sophomore year fall (2014), we found out that these apps were no longer supported. […]

Past the Midpoint

I’ve just completed 5 semesters of Cornell. It’s a cool thought. It might have been the most relaxed finals week I’ve had yet. I had 2 real finals (Networks, ML) which weren’t too bad to study for. I spent most of my time on end-of-year band celebrations, TA grading sessions (gotta love grading 4 assignments […]

Junior Year Courses and Activities

I’m halfway done with my college education, 2 years of tuition poorer, and extremely excited for my classes this semester. I’m taking: Art 3203: Painting Film same professor as last semester! this is probably also similar to a film studies class, which is excellent because maybe this will help me develop color scripts for future […]