San Diego

A very memorable part of the summer was spending our week off for July 4th to visit San Diego. It was the ideal summer paradise – we spent the first day hiking, the second beaching, and the last day zooing.

We hiked up Potato Chip Trail, a winding path littered with large boulders that we climbed after the usual trek became boring. We reached the top after plenty of detours and water breaks, for a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area of mountains and shrubbery. The top was decorated with its signature Potato Chip Rock, a thin slice of rock hanging over a precipice, no thicker than three inches.

We took turns taking pictures with our legs dangling loosely over the rock, smiling nervously at the camera. I felt like I was on top of Pride Rock in Lion King.

The second day was smartly spent on the beach, our bodies worn from hiking the day before. We did a lot of napping on the sand, wave jumping and biking. I ate a large ice cream taller than my head, and played ultimate frisbee and tag football in the sand.

The San Diego zoo on the third day was also a delight – I had the pleasure of checking out a panda and her cub, the former which was enthusiastically stripping the outer casing from her bamboo. The zoo was very well-kept and organized, with more content that I remember from my childhood experience with zoos.

From my brief stay, I’ve found that San Diego has a LA vibe on a smaller but more intimate scale, with the added benefit of its beautiful beaches and surf-worthy waves. Would definitely visit again.



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