A Summer Summary ’16: The Bay Area

2nd time Bay Area. Less travel compared to the last – maybe about 5 trips to SF in total.

Still amazing. This summer’s theme of fun was less about the activity and more about who I was with. Most of my time was spent in the apartments, chilling with the other interns. We watched Game of Thrones, NBAs, Olympics, and Space Jam. We made dumplings. We played board games. (We caught a lot of Pokemon.) We even set up an informal karaoke night.

Castro per usual was the common place where we shared meals – in particular, a lot of ramen was consumed. I also had some variety and hit up a few new places along the Bay over the summer: Santana Row for shopping and food, Foster City to bake foccacia with a friend, Hollister for sky diving; SF for Internapalooza and Greylock’s career fair. Unlike last summer, I also went to company events: Coursera’s open house, Airbnb’s talk series.

One of the best improvements over last summer was moving my desire to learn how to dance – for long placed on the backburner – to something I had the means to experience. Perhaps it was how word spreads via people being “interested” in dance-related facebook events? Either way I was so much more aware of the dance culture in the Bay this summer, and attended plenty of Monday Night Workshops and a handful of Purdance classes.


Overall, successful summer. If I were to end up here I’d definitely continue going to dance workshops and classes.


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