Junior Year: second semester

Turns out I didn’t post what classes I was in this semester, so here goes:

  • CS 4820, Algo
  • CS 4120/1, Compilers
  • CS 4760, CV
  • CS 4810, Theory of Computing

(I decided that I wanted this semester to be my most intensive semester, so I’d have the luxury next year as a senior to chill a bit and take a bunch of classes outside of my department.)

I’m very lucky to have classes that mesh together very well – for example, much of the theory I needed in Compilers got covered in CS 4810 (similar to CS 2800, but more focused on automata), so at multiple points of the semester I had duplicate lectures giving me the best of both worlds perspectives: the theory side and the implementation side.

2nd example: I’m getting introduced in both CS 4810 and Compilers good dynamic programming algorithms, which was initially introduced in Algo. It’s so great to see how everything complements each other, and how theory concepts stop being only cool facts and start becoming something I consider in Compilers.

CV is one class that doesn’t quite complement any of the other classes, but currently it’s tied with Algo as my favorite. I took graphics sophomore fall, and CV is a great complement and refresher to the concepts I learned back then. The current CV project is to make a panorama stitcher using whatever photos we like, with the eventual goal of producing something awesome to show to the class.

Anyways, 6 weeks left! of Junior Year! And another 2 semesters of taking as many final cool classes as possible.

P.S. I’ll post some update after I pre-enroll for next semester, so stay tuned.


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