feat. Gödel, cool CV research, Hannibal Buress, CAC, gparted

As the end approaches more closely I feel the urge to squeeze as much value as possible from what remains of my junior year. But even the best of intentions to see people and hangout are foiled by the likes of the first all-nighter I’ve had since sophomore year. Ugh.

But even the most tiring of weeks comes great things – from learning about Peano arithmetic in 4810, listening to awesome research in CV from PhD students, attending a live show from the comedian Hannibal Buress, to having a great end-of-the-semester dinner with Computer Animation Club. It’s been difficult, but it’s been good.

About CV, I had the option that lecture to leave early and study more for my compilers exam. It’s unfortunate that in that exact moment I felt like I had to choose between learning about cool research and studying more. I felt the same way that morning too, in 4810, whose lectures are now optional / don’t cover syllabus material. But it’s learning about cool beyond-curricular stuff that gets me pretty excited. I’ve come to really appreciate the resources I get as a university student, especially the awesome profs that I easily take for granted. When am I ever going to this easily attend a lecture about Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, or see a visualization of a 4d construction from timestamps and photos? I’m sure industry has its own talks and lectures, but I get this feeling that right now I have access to a kind of diversity in material that you can only get on campus.

In other news, Computer Animation Club is looking towards a pretty bright future. We were able to fill up all our officer positions during elections, and I’m already digging the dynamic we’ve got going right now amongst our newly elected officers. It’s never going to be exactly the same as it was (gonna miss you, seniors), but it’s still gonna be awesome. I’m really looking forward to our first meeting for planning out next semester.

About gparted, my Linux partition is starting to run out of space, so today was the first day trying to figure out how to resize my ext4 partition. Gonna have to find my live usb it seems.

Anyways, cheers to the last 3 days of school! and best of luck on finals to everyone.



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