Today has been a lot better in terms of meeting new people. I got to talk to a Renee who’s from Harvard during lunch as we walked to H-Mart (my first time!). It turns out Harvard has a really small animation program. Who knew?

Two of my shifts were in Studio today. The first shift consisted of seeing up an Android development environment on the computers, playing with an Intuos Touch 5 (SUCH A GREAT TABLET) and fiddling and failing at Zbrush. Also a bit of facilitating the 3d printing station.

The second shift was presenting a technology developed by a Japanese company that involved haptic/tactile feedback with asymmetrically vibrating wires. There was a fishing game demo that many attendees enjoyed.I really liked seeing the sudden smiles that people showed as soon as they understood how the game worked.

Dinner was a salmon spinach was alright. Afterwards I volunteered for the production session which is mostly walking around to make sure no one is recording and gaping at the screen which was playing such awesome time lapses of the video composition of visual effects and animation. I got to see Disney’s newest short, Feast, which was really cute.if I’m lucky I’ll remember to catch a session on the short later on this week.

Watching the work of the best of the best is letting me realize how competitive this industry can be. I am both awed and intimated and filled of reference for their time and their work. It’s overwhelming, but in a great way.

After the last shift I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with Kaisa. It was every bit wonderful and I find everything to be perfectly executed with jaw dropping visuals. My heart was pounding for the majority of the movie and I was too enraptured to cry even during the more emotional parts. I liked it better than Guardians of the Galaxy for sure. It was so good to the point that I was giggling at the end because I was so charged with adrenaline. And I never giggle.


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