SIGGRAPH Day 5 part 2

After getting the teapot, I walked around the Exhibition floor, picking up brochures and talking to a Ringling representative. Turns out she first did computer programming, then did graphic design/web development, stumbled into marketing, and now works for Ringling. Pretty cool. I visited some of the waterfront shops with friends, checking out souvenirs and chocolates […]


The last day and what I intend to be the best day. I got up on time today to watch the Production Session on the new animated short The Dam Keeper. The session started out with the animated short being played out on the large screen. It was a living painting, but of a different […]


Today started off quite rainy, but thankfully I had brought my umbrella. I started off my day meeting two Wacom volunteers on the fancy convention chair benches. One of them let me play with her Cintiq companion, which is a $2000 something tablet that has the same power as my Lenovo computer with the added […]


Fun fact: while performing a donut run for a Pixar employee today I walked into a fancy restaurant expecting to find Tim Horton’s. I did Tim Horton’s eventually. After my 8am shift monitoring a technical talk on Destiny the game I headed over to the Production Session covering Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. […]


Today has been a lot better in terms of meeting new people. I got to talk to a Renee who’s from Harvard during lunch as we walked to H-Mart (my first time!). It turns out Harvard has a really small animation program. Who knew? Two of my shifts were in Studio today. The first shift […]


Today has been kinda crazy. I got up early and had breakfast at the hostel. I highly recommend hostels; they are budget friendly and can be quite comfortable. After going through a quick training, I looked through all the events again and circled what I wanted. I was able to grab a high sugar lunch […]


I finally got to Vancouver today after some skirmishes with travel. The city is amazing – good food everywhere, with trees and people skating and skateboarding and long boarding. So cool. I was able to find the Siggraph office pretty easily, and got to meet several volunteers, all of which were awesome. I just got […]

Siggraph prep 2

Siggraph is coming up so fast and my excitement and apprehension are escalating. I still need to do online training and memorize my schedule by heart and rsvp for the company sponsored networking parties and finish my painting and read and plan for which talks to attend and maybe swap shifts and finish my website. […]


I’ve been doing quite a few things to prepare for SIGGRAPH. Firstly, I’m completing my website for it. I’m going to design some business cards too for the conference (apparently it’s a thing). I decided today to start networking via LInkedIn and Facebook so I’ll at least have some names in my mind when I […]