A Summer Summary: The Bay Area

The Bay Area was something I had to get used to. Coming from the bipolar climates of the MidWest and the East Coast, I am accustomed to heavy heat and humidity as part of the summer, with thunderstorms and rainy days. Compare that to the first day walking to the bus stop – the sky […]

A Summer Summary: What I Learned

Summer 2015 was the best-spent summer I’ve had so far learning-wise. I didn’t take web development too seriously before my internship. I found web dev to be depreciating in value because there are so many free website-making tools that exist nowadays. To me, there was just HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, and some cool tidbits […]

Cornell BEARS

For exactly one year, I worked with a campus mentorship program, Cornell BEARS, as webmaster. It was a valuable experience – I used a modified version of the Gale-Shapely matching algorithm to match up mentees and mentors, and I was also rewarded with successful stories of mentor-mentee pairs. I also made some improvements to the […]

Sophomore Year End Game

Welp, here we are, with classes wrapping up this week, Slope Day on Thursday, my final painting due tomorrow at 8am, Final presentations for Game Design and Web Design today and tomorrow, and Game Design Showcase around the corner. One thing that has stood out this semester is the student demonstrations, first for the Gannett […]

debut of the WordPress blog

Thanks to things like the iframe tag I can now embed WordPress blogs on my beta website. I’m going to put this under the “Adventures” tab. I’ve been working on my beta website since yesterday. It’s awesome how much easier it is to create a second website after going through the troubleshooting and effort of […]