Mid Semester Evaluation

As a quick recap, here are the classes I’m taking this semester: CS 3410 (computer system organization and programming) CS 2043 (unix tools and scripting) INFO 3152 (intro to game design) CS 2300 (intermediate web programming) ART 2201 (intro to painting) I’ve liked this semester the best so far in terms of enjoying what I’m […]

Anticipation for Spring 2015

Hello, friends. I’m smack dab (is that the correct expression) in the middle of winter break, which is luckily an entire month for me. This is approximately the midway point, and a quick reflection of what’s coming up seems to be in place. Next semester I’ll be in the following courses (typical for a sophomore […]

The Last Exam of the Semester (ft. OCaml)

My last exam was yesterday from 9 – 11:30. It was for CS 3110, the traditional “weeder” CS course at Cornell. Rumor has it that it’s less difficult compared to previous years, which makes sense as more students are taking it, which would increase the overall range of scores and could very likely lower means. The […]