A Summer Summary ’16: The Bay Area

2nd time Bay Area. Less travel compared to the last – maybe about 5 trips to SF in total. Still amazing. This summer’s theme of fun was less about the activity and more about who I was with. Most of my time was spent in the apartments, chilling with the other interns. We watched Game […]

San Diego

A very memorable part of the summer was spending our week off for July 4th to visit San Diego. It was the ideal summer paradise – we spent the first day hiking, the second beaching, and the last day zooing. We hiked up Potato Chip Trail, a winding path littered with large boulders that we […]

Hello Summer

Today was my last day of exams! The algostorm* is officially over. Looking back, it’s been a good semester – definitely the most academically involved, but not the worst mentally, emotionally, or physically. In other words, only the most in terms of hours spent doing classwork.

Junior Year: second semester

Turns out I didn’t post what classes I was in this semester, so here goes: CS 4820, Algo CS 4120/1, Compilers CS 4760, CV CS 4810, Theory of Computing (I decided that I wanted this semester to be my most intensive semester, so I’d have the luxury next year as a senior to chill a […]

The Rise of Cornell’s Scheduler

Late freshman fall (2013), I remember sitting in the great lecture hall for PHYS 1112, distracted by students moving colorful squares about in some fancy scheduling app. At that time, students everywhere were using their app of choice: either Chequerd or Schedulizer. Come sophomore year fall (2014), we found out that these apps were no longer supported. […]

Social Media Quirks

Still on break, with plenty of time to think about and use various forms of social media. The commentary below is relevant to the most updated versions of the respective Android apps as of today’s date. Note: Some popular apps are not listed because I don’t use them often, not because they have no quirks. Note: […]