Kyoto: Japan day 5

My impression of the Kyoto part of our trip was that it’d be the part where we would escape the busyness of Tokyo and gaze upon some idyllic countryside with a bunch of pretty things to look at. We use our beloved and precious weeklong JR passes to hop on a shinkansen bullet train to […]

Tokyo: Japan day 4

We slept in, and it was a very good call. Our morning was spent doing a second run through of Akiba, where I visited my first Don Quijote and discovered the trap of claw machines. My first impression was that it was going to be hard to win, but I wasn’t sure how it would […]

Tokyo: Japan day 3

Did I mention that Japan is freaky clean? And no trashcans? It’s a thing. NYC is going to burn my eyes with its filth when I get back. So our legs are still sorta dead but we manage. We check out some Tokyo shrines and then bum around Nakamise Street, gazing at the colorful offerings […]

Tokyo: Japan day 2

It was a blur, really. It was also very hot. We were in Shibuya and Shinjuku that day – in the morn we ate these really fluffy pancakes (reminded me of angel food cake, but better) and I had my first order of roasted green milk tea, which was less sweet compared to what you’d […]

Tokyo: Japan day 1

Japan has always been one of those places I thought I’d visit in the far future, a place of unknown lore and exciting past. I’d see pictures on Instagram filled with the red posts of torii gates, the fog of steam wafting off delicious street finds, and think – that’ll be me! someday. So I […]

NYC and Staying Put

It’s already been a travel-heavy start to the year! I took another trip to Stowe for snowboarding, and weekend trips to Philly and Chicago. I couldn’t help but compare the latter two to New York. As year two in the city is almost half over, it’s always ripe for those questions of how long I […]

A Full Year and More

It’s been a full year, plus, in NYC. I’m confident that I’ve adjusted more or less completely to the city; it feels like home now. My best moments are spent chilling in my new place on the Upper East Side, and everyday I feel fortunate to see daylight streaming through my window (my last room […]