Why I Chose Yext in NYC

It was a very hard decision. Reasons professional growth At Yext I am confident that I will continue to grow my skills in analyzing a problem, breaking it down into doable chunks, and then attacking these chunks at a good pace getting a big-picture idea without sacrificing detail and being flexible with the do as […]

Senior Year: first semester

Ah, the last fall at Cornell. Here’s my courses! CS 5414, Distributed Computing. Heard good stuff about the prof. Can confirm that the prof is good; I really enjoy going to lecture for this class. Material is unlike anything I’ve ever learned before, and its intriguing to learn about the thoroughness of proofs showing how […]

The Last First Day (and week)

It’s been kinda weird, being on campus this week. In the span of one day I switched coasts, and with it, memories. Whenever I leave Cornell for the summer I forget, but coming back is a whirlwind of remembering. I remember as a freshman every part of campus was equally exciting. There were no memories […]

A Summer Summary ’16: What I Learned

One of the great things about my summer was that I got about exactly what I asked for. I wanted to do backend. I needed to get that experience, and I wanted to see if I liked it. Sometimes, though, you also get what you’re needed for. I was needed for full-stack development. I made a dashboard […]

A Summer Summary ’16: The Bay Area

2nd time Bay Area. Less travel compared to the last – maybe about 5 trips to SF in total. Still amazing. This summer’s theme of fun was less about the activity and more about who I was with. Most of my time was spent in the apartments, chilling with the other interns. We watched Game […]

San Diego

A very memorable part of the summer was spending our week off for July 4th to visit San Diego. It was the ideal summer paradise – we spent the first day hiking, the second beaching, and the last day zooing. We hiked up Potato Chip Trail, a winding path littered with large boulders that we […]

Hello Summer

Today was my last day of exams! The algostorm* is officially over. Looking back, it’s been a good semester – definitely the most academically involved, but not the worst mentally, emotionally, or physically. In other words, only the most in terms of hours spent doing classwork.