Fun times with Git

It’s wonderful seeing how people are finally using Git as the classes are now getting more advanced and source control becomes a pure necessity. I’m glad I got a head start, having been introduced to Git and GitHub early last semester at the Bloomberg Hackathon (thank you, Leon Z). Today I spent about an hour […]

Using Beautiful Soup

In the last month I’ve taken on the position of VP of IT in Cornell BEARS, a mentoring organization. My job is to update and maintain the website at, and to handle any coding needs. So far I’ve spent about 14 hours on a parsing script for Cornell Qualtrics data. I used BeautifulSoup, an […]

HTML/CSS Book Reviews + resources

What I’ve been consistently using: (when first starting out) (while learning/reviewing CSS) (right now while doing specialized tasks) Books I’ve used (oldest to most recent): Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies HTML5 for Masterminds Building Websites All-in-One for Dummies HTML & CSS design and build websites Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies […]

New Crushes: jQuery and CSS child selectors

I started the codeacademy jQuery course yesterday and finished today. It took around 3 hours or more. I spent about 45 minutes trying to debug during a few lessons, because the automated checking system also gives some lackluster error reports. For example, it wouldn’t accept me typing in “this” for “document” in one of the […]

Website Designing shenanigans

So many websites lately. At work I’m part of a website committee in which I offer up suggestions and help review content and track down broken links for the organization’s website. They are using this really outdated version of CMS Made Simple so now it’s more like CMS Made Frustrating. The PHP on it is […]