PAX East 2017

I need to write all of this down before I forget — the lines, crowds, panels, people, and most of all, the games. Getting PAX East tickets was nothing short of luck. I happened to be rooming with M, the president of DGA (Digital Gaming Alliance), a gaming club at Cornell. We were rooming for Grace […]

Skating at Cornell

I took figure skating lessons in elementary school. I remember being okay at it but loving every single second, and wanting to learn everything. By the time my mom convinced me to quit, I had my crossovers and outside 3-turns. When I got to Cornell, friends recommended various classes to me, and I was eager […]

5 Weeks of Crazy Legs

I had the great opportunity to go to 5 workshops taught by none other than Crazy Legs, an integral member of the original bboy community when it became a thing in his childhood in Bronx. It was a workshop that had a bit of everything – some weeks we’d sit on the floor while Legs […]

Senior Year: Second Semester

This is a semester I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. A mantra that helped through tougher times would include reminding myself that tougher now is better later, because the last semester would be the best. Whether or not it’ll live up to expectations is still to be seen, but the class […]

Why I Chose Yext in NYC

It was a very hard decision. Reasons professional growth At Yext I am confident that I will continue to grow my skills in analyzing a problem, breaking it down into doable chunks, and then attacking these chunks at a good pace getting a big-picture idea without sacrificing detail and being flexible with the do as […]

Senior Year: first semester

Ah, the last fall at Cornell. Here’s my courses! CS 5414, Distributed Computing. Heard good stuff about the prof. Can confirm that the prof is good; I really enjoy going to lecture for this class. Material is unlike anything I’ve ever learned before, and its intriguing to learn about the thoroughness of proofs showing how […]

The Last First Day (and week)

It’s been kinda weird, being on campus this week. In the span of one day I switched coasts, and with it, memories. Whenever I leave Cornell for the summer I forget, but coming back is a whirlwind of remembering. I remember as a freshman every part of campus was equally exciting. There were no memories […]

A Summer Summary ’16: What I Learned

One of the great things about my summer was that I got about exactly what I asked for. I wanted to do backend. I needed to get that experience, and I wanted to see if I liked it. Sometimes, though, you also get what you’re needed for. I was needed for full-stack development. I made a dashboard […]

A Summer Summary ’16: The Bay Area

2nd time Bay Area. Less travel compared to the last – maybe about 5 trips to SF in total. Still amazing. This summer’s theme of fun was less about the activity and more about who I was with. Most of my time was spent in the apartments, chilling with the other interns. We watched Game […]

San Diego

A very memorable part of the summer was spending our week off for July 4th to visit San Diego. It was the ideal summer paradise – we spent the first day hiking, the second beaching, and the last day zooing. We hiked up Potato Chip Trail, a winding path littered with large boulders that we […]