Tokyo: Japan day 10

The morning coming from Nara was full of derps, probably due to not sleeping enough the night before. I was forgetting things left and right, inconveniencing people, etc. But somehow I made it to Tokyo with all my luggage (I stored some in Kyoto) intact.

I made some laps around Tokyo Station, enlisting the help of this eager somewhat-Euro gentleman who wanted to help me somehow as I searched for luggage storage. After the sad processor that was my mind that day stalled and restarted and stalled some more, I eventually find overnight luggage storage, which you had to enter from the outside of the station, probably to make it more accessible to the bus stop travelers, but was so roundabout (walking, ramp, two elevators) that I wasn’t even surprised when I finally made it there and there was literally no other luggage in sight but my own.

In hindsight I would have had a more convenient trip if I had packed lightly, but I approached this trip with the mindset that I don’t know whether I’m ever coming back to Japan, if ever, so I wanted to make the most of this possibly one-off traveling episode of my life. And today – well today was my shopping spree.

I already had two Uniqlo trips in my suitcase, but that was not my true prize. Those were to fix my baggage delay and some more.

My true prize was art supplies.

Originally, ambitiously, I had planned to do two neighborhoods – Shibuya and Ginza – in one day. With events playing out as they were I decided to go with the less mentally intensive choice and stick with one area.

So, being the annoying tourist that I was, armed with purse and backpack and suitcase, I set off on my capitalistic adventure.

I first stopped at the LINE Friends Store and Kiddyland, picking up character washi tape and other character themed goods. With the exception of a stuffy, everything was sort of practical, or so I like to tell myself. For example, t-shirts and utensils and tape. All practical.

I then stop at a black sesame dessert shop (thanks VL) and it is supreme. I got their richest flavors in both black and white sesame and top it off with toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil. Delectable.

My head down to avoid rain in my eyes, I then go to Tokyu Hands.

I find the prize, the Copic Markers! I find the refills that I hadn’t seen before ever, especially not in other stores. I then agonize over colors and get a lot more than planned. My second round is for everything else. And I get everything else – dozens of shiba inu stickers, rolls upon rolls of tape, and a bunch of casual writing pens and notebooks. I remember stepping outside after it all, half delirious from lack of food and sleep, and thinking – wow – that just happened.

As a break I get some Cremia style soft serve while contemplating my recent life decisions, namely the non-returnable goods in my suitcase, mostly all stationery items.

And then I head out, to the Mega Don Quijote. Think of it as the Japanese Wal-Mart – it has everything.

I buy Japanese snacks and curry mixes and utensils and a small stuffy and things are still good.

That night, I chill at the hostel bar with sake and mini curry and talk to this random solo German traveller.

And thus ends my shopping spree day.


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