Dancing and Dual Core

About a year ago, I was encouraged to attend dance workshops in the Bay Area, called Monday Night Workshops. They were held late at night in San Jose, in a mirrored room with red curtains and polished hardwood floors. In this compact building I went to six workshops that summer, and in each I had an absolute blast.

Most of my life I’ve been intimidated by dance, ever since little me quit jazz after about one class back in early middle school. We have showers for singing our hearts out, but where are the equivalents for dancing? I desperately needed someplace fun and lighthearted to begin with, and those workshops were perfect. It had that social atmosphere and cheery awkwardness and people of all levels – people to relate to as a noob, and people to gawk at as they performed fresh choreo perfectly.

Dancing left such a good impression on me that I took steps to keep it in my system senior year. I went to a bunch of audition workshops, regular workshops, and special events like the Crazy Legs series I wrote about in a previous post. It was that beautiful journey every time – of hesitation, of getting over it, of learning something new and expressive. It became comfort, escapism. It was making friends by literally going through the motions.

So when the opportunity came for me to join a Foundations team (Dual Core) at UCLA this summer, it became a definite yes. Here was a group of people thrown together in wonderful seemingly random circumstance, and I was part of that picture. It was a rowdy, intellectual, nerdy, and lovely group. We practiced over eight hours a week for roughly five weeks in a dusty parking garage, with themed nights and ramen/boba after practice and crazy (cool) directors and captains and videographers. We even filmed three concept videos.

It’s all over, all too soon, but I still wear our team gear proudly amongst the millions of people here in NYC, on the opposite coast from where we said our goodbyes just a little over two weeks ago, missing the faces and the camaraderie. Thank you everyone for a great experience, and I hope we all keep dancing!


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