Senior Year: Second Semester

This is a semester I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. A mantra that helped through tougher times would include reminding myself that tougher now is better later, because the last semester would be the best.

Whether or not it’ll live up to expectations is still to be seen, but the class lineup seems promising, with only 3 graded classes, 2 pass/fail, and 4 PEs.

  • CS 4999 (CS 4152), Advanced Game Design. I’m working with a completely different group, so it’s a whole new territory and experience of being in sync with the team. What’s more, I’m doing programming, I have to learn C++, and it’s going to be wild.
  • PMA 3815, Acting in Public. Essentially a public speaking course, I have a speech due the first week. Nothing better than doing to get better at something.
  • MUSIC 2701, Music and Digital Gameplay. I’m really excited to learn more about music history in games, and analyze them too.
  • HADM 4300, Intro to Wines. I have no idea what grape varietals are, but hopefully after I finish this class I’ll know.
  • HD 3620, Human Bonding. I tend to call this Relationships 101 or How to get Jaded about Love 101, as the friends who went through this class seemed to have these outcomes.
  • PE 1547, PE 1162, PE 1290, PE 1482, Advanced Figure Skating, Salsa, Gymnastics, Large Boat Sailing (respectively). Out of these four I’d say I’m looking forward to gymnastics the most, as there seems to only be rave reviews for it.

I’m also going to sit in whenever convenient on a handful of other cool psych / history / arch / hotelie classes. No idea if it’ll last the whole semester though.

If there were any regrets to be had, it would be not taking any Law / Food Science / Language / Women’s Studies / Film / Architecture classes, and wishing to take more Game Design classes. But learning doesn’t end after college, and there may be audit opportunities at Columbia or NYU for the years to come 🙂

So long, student center pre-enroll! So long, add/drop forms. I won’t miss you two.


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