A Summer Summary ’16: What I Learned

One of the great things about my summer was that I got about exactly what I asked for. I wanted to do backend. I needed to get that experience, and I wanted to see if I liked it.

Sometimes, though, you also get what you’re needed for. I was needed for full-stack development. I made a dashboard as an internal tool used to monitor metrics across company internal and external products. It was a sizeable process, from integrating SQLAlchemy into Flask (thank you, handy LinkedIn libraries), setting up and using Couchbase for dem speeds, and learning how to write industry-worthy Python. I really liked the fact that I was using Python, which although is not my favorite (prefer typed languages for most things) I would take any day over JavaScript.

For my frontend part, I was using Emberjs. It was my first time working with any kind of MV* framework in web development, and it was quite the journey. Most of my time towards the end was sunk in looking over documentation (Google pls why is the top result for my problem in Ember a page from a deprecated version) and changing around some parts of the design of our endpoints.

I got to push things a lot more frequently compared to last year, which was also another gratifying change. Another thing I put a lot of effort into was presenting my project at the intern fair and then later in front of the Tools department. I prided myself in developing stronger communication and collaboration skills from last summer to now, my flexibility in iteration on our product’s design, and even in improving my presentation content.

I overall felt at home in industry over the summer and am excited to see where I end up after this recruiting season. I’m especially grateful for last year’s internship as a necessary step in my trajectory in becoming a professional in the workplace, and to LinkedIn for facilitating that growth through great mentors both of my years there.


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