Past the Midpoint

I’ve just completed 5 semesters of Cornell. It’s a cool thought.

It might have been the most relaxed finals week I’ve had yet. I had 2 real finals (Networks, ML) which weren’t too bad to study for. I spent most of my time on end-of-year band celebrations, TA grading sessions (gotta love grading 4 assignments and an exam) and figuring things out for next semester.

A new VR course is being offered at Cornell next year. I found out a bit on the late end, but it conflicts with Compilers, so I don’t quite know what I would have chosen either way. My interests somewhat intersect with VR, but I’m not sure if I’m at the level in which I’d dedicate 6 credits worth of time in a class offered for the first time.

I’ve also decided to change my external specialization to PMA (Performing and Media Arts) over Art. This change was spurred on the difficulties I faced in taking my 3000-level Art class this semester (hard to schedule, 8am class), and my growing attraction to theatre after taking the intro theatre course. PMA is one of the hidden gems at Cornell – there’s a lot of cool classes in the department. I’m planning on taking Creative Character Design and 2 upper level acting courses before I graduate.

I’m really grateful for the support I got this semester, because it wasn’t easy. Next semester won’t be easy either. But I’m sure things will work out.


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