Junior Year Courses and Activities

I’m halfway done with my college education, 2 years of tuition poorer, and extremely excited for my classes this semester.

I’m taking:

  • Art 3203: Painting Film
    • same professor as last semester!
    • this is probably also similar to a film studies class, which is excellent because maybe this will help me develop color scripts for future animations
  • CS 4410: Operating Systems
    • I hear it’s not as intensive as CS 3410, which hopefully is true
    • It’s being taught by one of the new professors! I heard good things about her, so I’m pumped.
  • PMA 2800: Intro to Acting
    • Everyone I’ve met raves about this class. Time to join the club.
  • CS 4780: Machine Learning
    • New prof, with also a good reputation.
    • I hear that taking ML is like taking your vitamins as a CS major.
  • PE 1545: Beginning Figure Skating
    • Figure Skating is one of my favorite things to do.
    • Also, relaxation.
  • CS 2850: Networks
    • It’s reputed to be a low-stress, interesting class.

I’m still doing marching band, AAIV, and Animation Club, which will take up plenty of time. In addition, this semester I will be a section TA for INFO/CS 1300, which is great because I’m very comfortable with the class topics, as they relate directly to the skills I gained at my internship this summer.

Can’t wait.


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