Sophomore Year End Game

Welp, here we are, with classes wrapping up this week, Slope Day on Thursday, my final painting due tomorrow at 8am, Final presentations for Game Design and Web Design today and tomorrow, and Game Design Showcase around the corner.

One thing that has stood out this semester is the student demonstrations, first for the Gannett fee, then in response to the Baltimore riots, and some possibly for higher wages for tcat drivers. There has been many mixed responses and a lot of fire on social media as different perspectives duke it out. One word for this semester? Salty.

It was also busy towards the end, because of the sesquicentennial celebrations, and the different showcases from different performing arts clubs. A few events I’ve attended are TEDxCornell, EZRoots, and the BreakFree showcase. Bill Nye gave a talk, but I was unable to get tickets in time.

Some highlights: I spent one morning talking about computer science and animation to 6th graders, a weekend hanging out with friends, a night of frisbee and company instead of studying. The increasingly perfect weather brings new life to the students and to my energy levels.

I’ve had to make some hard decisions about where to invest my time for the future. Next semester, I’ll no longer be webmaster for Cornell BEARS, and I will no longer be in Measureless. I want to invest the extra time I’ll have in the marching band and the people of it. We’ll see what happens.

Junior year. It’s a strange and exhilarating concept.


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