Mid Semester Evaluation

As a quick recap, here are the classes I’m taking this semester:

  • CS 3410 (computer system organization and programming)
  • CS 2043 (unix tools and scripting)
  • INFO 3152 (intro to game design)
  • CS 2300 (intermediate web programming)
  • ART 2201 (intro to painting)

I’ve liked this semester the best so far in terms of enjoying what I’m learning. CS 3410 is really awesome, as I’m learning more about the hardware side of things and all the great details. Granted, the class is extremely fast paced, to the point where it could be a detriment, but so far I’m keeping up alright, and have made half of a processor for the first project.

Tied with CS 3410 as my favorite class is ART 2201. I took some casual art classes in high school, but I never really got a formal training on painting technique and color mixing. I’ve been really stretched by this class, spending an average of 20 hours on each project, about the same as my typical CS projects.

At a close second is CS 2043, which is essentially a class to get you started on being a bash / unix master. This was a class that you could learn on your own if you wanted to, but the class structure is still enjoyable, with fun projects to do. It’s also only half a semester.

CS 2300: for some reason I thought this would be as much of a breeze as CS 1300, but it is not. The material is also of the type you could probably learn on your own. However, the projects are rather large, and feel less rewarding than expected.

And INFO 3152 – this will probably be the most stressful later on in the semester, but in my current role of designer, all I’m producing is draft quality art at this stage, which is not bad at all. I can’t give this class much of a rating yet, as we haven’t really reached the meat of the class, but I really enjoy the professor and the lectures.

Well, there you have it. Maybe this post will be useful to some prospective Cornell CS student in the future.


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