Anticipation for Spring 2015

Hello, friends.

I’m smack dab (is that the correct expression) in the middle of winter break, which is luckily an entire month for me. This is approximately the midway point, and a quick reflection of what’s coming up seems to be in place.

Next semester I’ll be in the following courses (typical for a sophomore CS student)

CS 3410 – Computer System Organization and Programming
CS 3152 – Intro Game Design (probably won’t get in as a programmer, whoops)
CS 2300 – Intermediate Web Design
CS 2043 – Unix Tools and Scripting
ART 2201 – Intro to Painting
PE 1171 – Intermediate Swing Dance

I’m extremely excited for Game Design and Web Design, although in many cases the experience is based on how one meshes with the rest of one’s team. I’m also pumped to be taking an art class, as right now I’m hoping to make art my external specialization.

Once I get back to campus and backup my entire computer, I’ll also be installing either Mint or Ubuntu, not because it’s required, but because Linux is great and I need to have to close by.

I had some reservations in applying for game design because if I get in, I won’t be able to take algorithms, which I hear is a class best taken to get out of the way. However, taking game design early gives me more wiggle room if I want to TA it later.

Have a great rest of break, everyone! Can’t wait to get back on campus.


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