Using Beautiful Soup

In the last month I’ve taken on the position of VP of IT in Cornell BEARS, a mentoring organization. My job is to update and maintain the website at, and to handle any coding needs.

So far I’ve spent about 14 hours on a parsing script for Cornell Qualtrics data. I used BeautifulSoup, an excellent HTML/XML parsing module that made my life so much better.

This is the breakdown of my 14 hours:

  • 30 minutes: clicking through the survey; skimming the code the previous IT person did
  • 30 minutes: exploring the different export options (decided to go with XML, the HTML was an ugly table); Googling different XML parsers, reading about them
  • 30 minutes: Decided on BeautifulSoup based on stackoverflow and friend recommendation, started installing; Reading about lxml, trying to install binary files or something
  • 15 minutes: Realized I didn’t have to compile from source, used an .exe to install lxml instead
  • 30 minutes: Read BeautifulSoup documentation
  • 2 hours: tried to follow previous IT person’s logic, ended up scrapping that
  • 15 minutes: Regex refresher
  • 1 hour: debugging code in response to invalid data entries (for some reason Qualtrics still saves invalid data, such as blank data)
  • 15 minutes: Reading about alternatives to Python’s lack of switch statements, then decided to be simple and used elifs
  • 30 minutes: Reorganizing code, making common code into functions
  • 30 minutes: spelling mistakes
  • 2 hours: actual coding
  • 30 minutes: the mystery of the missing commas; Optimizing code aesthetics
  • 30 minutes: Using the DOM inspector and finding out that the questions weren’t always labeled in order behind the scenes (tragic moment)

I realize that didn’t add up to 14 hours, but I did take some breaks to update my website and the CCA website, so this is more or less accurate.

I really like Beautiful Soup. I wonder if I can use it with PHP later on to generate blog script. Or instead of PHP, I can just use purely Python. I would like that.


One thought on “Using Beautiful Soup

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