First Impressions of Cornell Semester 3

It’s honestly a great feeling to come back as a non-freshman. Everything just makes more sense, and there is this feeling of assurance that I know what to expect now. There is no more getting lost or confused about classes and affiliation requirements and such. I feel completely at home already.

Living on West, although not in a main house, is very pleasant, despite Libe Slope which presents itself everyday without fail. It is very easy to meet up with people who also live on West and even Casc, and have dinners and study parties.

There is this new kind of confidence as a sophomore that I enjoy, a kind of ethos that I can use for giving advice, a new feeling in which I can tell people about classes I’ve taken. I can only imagine how that will increase as the years go by.

So far, I’m enjoying my Graphics class (CS 4620) and my Functional Programming class (CS 3110). Right now, things are still starting out pretty slowly…nothing has really heated up yet. CS 1300 (more commonly known as INFO 1300) is very easy but seems pretty fun, and I’m thinking about being a course consultant for that next fall, if I do well.

Math 2930 is taught by the beloved Sanjay D, who is a talented lecturer with a sense of humor. I have full confidence that he’ll teach this class well. Swing II had its first class 2 days ago, and Cindy, our instructor, is again awesome with her sound effects and analogies.

In the meantime, Cornell Computer Animation is starting up this Wednesday! There are still some kinks that need to be worked out, such as the stub files that still need to be created, the website domain that needs to be bought, and the pictures that need to go on the website, as well as some design touches. Nevertheless, I think we’re gonna rock it at ClubFest this weekend.

Gonna do my Graphics Mesh assignment now, but I want to keep posting here at least once a week.


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