My last day in Vancouver

After packing up and grabbing breakfast, I found myself looking up addresses for the attractions I was to visit today.

I first googled “bubble tea Vancouver” which led me to Yaya’s cafe. From there I walked along Nelson street, a very scenic route, until I ended up on the outskirts of Stanley Park.

There were no maps in sight, so I chose a direction and started walking.

It so turns out that I chose one of the large trails that was part of a network of trails that encompassed the entire park. I trekked through the glades and took some detours with some side paths before finally making it to third beach. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time to stay there until sunset; it was a good view.

For the next two or so hours I hung next to the seawall, collecting shells (blue mussels) and taking pictures. I ended up scraping myself moderately on the slippery rocks, but thanks to Vitamin K nothing is bleeding right now.

After many photos, I walked around, winding my way towards the city. Based on positive reviews from friends, I checked out the aquarium for a reasonable price and saw a lot of exotic fish. The Vancouver aquarium is really, really good. Great family vacation material.

Later today I checked out the Olympic cauldron, revisited H-Mart, and visited the Vancouver public library, which is huge and occupies an entire block by itself.

I bumped into some Student Volunteers at the airport later. Cool beans.


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