SIGGRAPH Day 5 part 2

After getting the teapot, I walked around the Exhibition floor, picking up brochures and talking to a Ringling representative. Turns out she first did computer programming, then did graphic design/web development, stumbled into marketing, and now works for Ringling. Pretty cool.

I visited some of the waterfront shops with friends, checking out souvenirs and chocolates and toys. After some really good chipotle mayo from Fatburger paired with fries I entered in some drawings in the Exhibition.

I did one last look around the studio, art gallery, and e-tech. I then watched a portion of the x-men: days of future past production session which heavily featured the creation of the slow mo kitchen scene.

Finally, it was time for the raffle for student volunteers. Last year they gave out huge software licences and graphics cards.The prizes were similar this year, but with Toothless stuffies included. I really wanted Z brush.

My friend got the entire Autodesk commercial entertainment suite…I didn’t get anything from the raffle, but I did receive a Big Hero 6 poster, a Siggraph 2015 poster, and a Feast poster. Dorm room decorations!

After some goodbyes, I walked around Downtown Vancouver and got some dinner with a friend before settling in the hostel for the last night. Tomorrow I plan on visiting things like Stanley Park, the suspension bridge, Chinatown, the library, and HMart again. Gotta use up those train tickets after all.


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