I’ve been doing quite a few things to prepare for SIGGRAPH.

Firstly, I’m completing my website for it. I’m going to design some business cards too for the conference (apparently it’s a thing). I decided today to start networking via LInkedIn and Facebook so I’ll at least have some names in my mind when I get to the conference site and won’t be a lost puppy.

I’m also doing a personal 21-day creative challenge. I haven’t been 100% consistent, whatwith dragon boating meetings 3 times a week, my website, Maya, and work loaded on top of it, but I believe I’ll get all the challenges done eventually.

I downloaded the Android calendar app too – SO MANY EVENTS! I’ve downloaded the pdf of the events which will hopefully have more details. I’ve also taken notes on all the relevant Facebook threads about the conference detailing what to bring and everything. I’ve downloaded the student handbook with all the rules (about 1/4 way through) and am going to take the test for the handbook after I finish.

I’m going to make a shopping trip this week to buy some makeup essentials so I know how to do some basic makeup for the Career Fair. I don’t necessarily need makeup, but this conference is a good motivator for me to learn the life skill of applying makeup. Also, one of my summer goals was to learn how to makeup.

I just hope I don’t burn out before the glorious day comes. I’ve been feeling tired lately; sleeping more is helping, but I don’t feel as fresh anymore. It could also be because of the hot and humid weather that’s been going on.


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