New Crushes: jQuery and CSS child selectors

I started the codeacademy jQuery course yesterday and finished today. It took around 3 hours or more. I spent about 45 minutes trying to debug during a few lessons, because the automated checking system also gives some lackluster error reports.

For example, it wouldn’t accept me typing in “this” for “document” in one of the lessons. Phooey.

Overall, it was a quality intro to jQuery course and I enjoyed it! jQuery is really powerful and I’m beginning to believe I should have learned it before getting into Javascript. Ah well.

jQuery is really, really useful. I’ve already incorporated it in my beta website (which is live at and it really cleans up the html vs. using inline Javascript (ew). A shout out to my friend Tyler who pointed out how jQuery would make more maintainable, nicer code.

Also a shout out to my friend Kevin who directed me to the wonderful CSS selectors such as :nth-child() and last-child and first-child. I used to have a lot of id’s in my code, but with these child selectors, that is no longer the case! Life has gotten immensely better!


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