HTML/CSS Book Reviews + resources

What I’ve been consistently using:

  • (when first starting out)
  • (while learning/reviewing CSS)
  • (right now while doing specialized tasks)

Books I’ve used (oldest to most recent):

  • Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies
  • HTML5 for Masterminds
  • Building Websites All-in-One for Dummies
  • HTML & CSS design and build websites

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies

  • Overall, this book is good. It has nice lesson files for everything, but if you’re familiar with the material, it can get tedious very fast.
  • Also, the book has a huge amount of potentially helpful links
  • This was a good refresher on HTML/CSS; I got bored after doing multiple w3schools tutorials, and this was a tad more interesting
  • However, this book alone was not enough to get me completely comfortable with HTML/CSS
  • After this book, still did not understand all the CSS selectors and the power of divs. I did learn about pseudo-selectors though.
  • This book is okay as a reference, with all its facts and info
  • I would not buy, or read again. It was tedious to complete, and the info is very easily look-up-able.

HTML5 for Masterminds

  • This was really good! It paved the way for me to make my first complete website.
  • Instead of giving a brief overview of many things, it focused on the things that really mattered and what I would often use.
  • Right from the get-go, it gave good examples of a well-constructed website in terms of HTML and using the new HTML5 tags like <header> and <nav>
  • Introduced CSS3 animations and effects.
  • Covered the CSS flexible box model, which was a bit confusing for me, but intriguing. The book says it has great potential, but I haven’t looked into it enough to agree or disagree.
  • I would definitely read again (still reading). Might buy a used copy. The book also covers different APIs and JavaScript, which I would find useful.

Building Websites All-in-One for Dummies

  • This book covers even more topics than the first Dummies book I read. It’s a very big book, around 700 pages, covering things like how to interact with clients, how to gather feedback for websites, how to plan website meetings, how to lead a website team, different code-generating tools, software like Fireworks, Photoshop, and a lot of Dreamweaver.
  • It covers basic HTML, with one section about a lot of the new CSS3 features. I was familiar with the material, so I ended up skipping/skimming a majority of the chapters.
  • The most helpful parts I found from this book were about media queries, facts about jQueryMobile vs. mobile-friendly CSS, and SEO.
  • Otherwise, I would have died of boredom had I attempted to read this from cover to cover, as I know my basics.
  • This would work better as a first book to read for fundamentals. The range of topics is more suited to someone building a large-scale website or a multitude of different web projects.
  • I might borrow this book again if I needed more information on one of its topics, but I would rather get a different book devoted to one thing, rather than this book, which touches upon many. Too many, in my opinion. It really does feel like 7 different minibooks combined into a huge book.

HTML & CSS design and build websites

  • This book is a piece of art. It’s very pleasant to look at, being full color and just beautifully constructed. It gives you a good feeling, just flipping through, because of the excellent use of colors and formatting.
  • Like HTML5 for Masterminds, this book cuts down to what you really need for a website. Everything I’ve read so far is immediately applicable. I also feel reassured that this book was written by a designer – the appearance of the book itself speaks testimony.
  • The author does a precise job telling you what’s deprecated and what’s new, and covers the basics while keeping it interesting for those who are experienced.
  • It’s definitely a book I would consider buying for future reference and good feels (it seriously is fun to just flip through)

I hope this was helpful! I’ll add reviews as I peruse books.


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