How I got into Web Design

August 2012

Started codeacademy HTML/CSS course. At that time, I found websites to be cool and interesting, and was informed that it was easy to pick up. I also wanted to be part of the website group of the robotics team. (didn’t happen)

After doing codeacademy tutorials, which at least got me familiar with the syntax, I remember using as a reference.

Spring 2013

Expressed interest in developing a website for my home church. Got some instructions on how to do something simple, but didn’t follow through as I realized I didn’t know what I was doing. I might have checked out how to use Dreamweaver for the first time during this period. was still a good reference – I remember going through the entire HTML section of the site.

Fall 2014

Did some extremely basic HTML and CSS to edit the OrgSync club page of Computer Animation Club. Applied to be webmaster for the marching band, only to realize that I wasn’t proficient at web technology yet after they said no.

Summer 2014

Resolved to make a personal website, being motivated by the fact that someone asked to link to my website and I had to say I didn’t have one. I also wanted a url to put on my resume.

I spent a good chunk of my workplace’s “free” time learning HTML, CSS, and a pinch of jQuery/JavaScript. I’ll write some reviews on the books/resources I used in a later blog post. In the process I also have a better understanding about hosting, hosting companies, etc. I use asmallorange đŸ™‚

Learned HTML and CSS to a mostly-proficient level, saw the first version of my website to completion, working on the second. I can now proudly say I was able to accomplish at least this summer goal of learning how to website.


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