Fall 2014 Predictions

Here are the classes I’ll be taking next semester:

  • Intermediate Swing Dance
    • I believe that I’ll really like this class. Beginning Swing Dance was amazing.
  • Differential Equations
    • I’m taking this as a means to an end, that end being Physically Based Animation, taught in the Spring. That being said, I heard the professor is really funny and teaches really well. I’m looking forward to this class just because of the professor.
    • Also because I’ve taken Linear Algebra, which in my opinion should be learned before DiffEq in the first place, just because it’s such a great tool.
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
    • I really hope I’ll like this…if I don’t I’ll have to really sit aside and reconsider my intentions to go into the game/animation industries.
  • Computer Graphics Practicum
    • This should be really fun – it’s a partner based class, and the final project is a contest. I’m secretly competitive sometimes.
  • Data Structures and Functional Programming using OCaml
    • I’ve heard a lot of scary stores about this class, but I know that since I have a huge friend group taking it with me, if I suffer, at least I won’t be alone. Yay for support groups
    • Otherwise, this should be really fun. I’ve seen people using OCaml and it looks really cool.
  • DiffEq AEW
    • I might turn this into my personal tutoring session like I did for Python AEW. Also, I am thoroughly disappointed I didn’t do the Multivariable Calc AEW, because I suffered a lot in that class.
  • Art Seminar
    • No idea what to expect. I just want to be able to critique art well and talk about art and get to know some art history.

I will probably be spending the most time on OCaml and DiffEq. Next up, Graphics and Art Seminar. Swing dance will be my stress-reliever class.

Also this semester will include church hopping (3hrs/wk), fellowship hopping(3hrs/wk), Cornell Computer Animation(3hrs/wk), working at Statler Hotel(4-6hrs/wk), and Marching Band(4-8hrs/wk). This might sound overwhelming but I believe that with proper time management and healthy living habits and God especially that it will work out.


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