Website Designing shenanigans

So many websites lately. At work I’m part of a website committee in which I offer up suggestions and help review content and track down broken links for the organization’s website. They are using this really outdated version of CMS Made Simple so now it’s more like CMS Made Frustrating. The PHP on it is years outdated and obsolete. I believe it will be rewarding, though. They’re fixing up the website, and step by step, it’s looking tads better.

In the meantime I read books on CSS and HTML and other web technologies. I’m going to be learning jQuery soon (thank you, codeacademy), as well as hopefully some basic ajax. I found a good PHP blog-making tutorial and a good jQuery lightbox implementation tutorial. Yay internet.

This weekend I’m meeting up with friends from Cornell Computer Animation to finalize content for our website and make stubs for the things we don’t quite have yet. I’m really looking forward to this – I really enjoy the website-building process, and have yet to tire of it.

Also, today I discovered that there is a difference between child and descendant CSS selectors, which will help make my stylesheets more effective. I love you, StackOverflow.



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