debut of the WordPress blog

Thanks to things like the iframe tag I can now embed WordPress blogs on my beta website. I’m going to put this under the “Adventures” tab.

I’ve been working on my beta website since yesterday. It’s awesome how much easier it is to create a second website after going through the troubleshooting and effort of the first. It was also a lot faster because I already had content ready.

I do fear, however, that this will only be a temporary solution for my need of a blog. Sooner or later I will likely learn enough PHP to create my own blog on my website, along with a set of tools to do basic posts, because WordPress’s free blog account allows for less than 5MB of data, which is not enough. Also, the free version does not allow me to edit the CSS, which will be an absolute no-no later down the road.

About this blog:
I anticipate the posts will be mostly about:

  1. The classes I’m taking and how I’m enjoying (or not enjoying) them
  2. Projects and hackathon recaps
  3. Excitement over technology
  4. Reviews of software tools



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